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My name is Sophia Shroff, and heartiest welcome to all of you on the personal Mumbai Escort website. I am an independent Mumbai escort who is well known for providing her charm and pleasure to her clients who come to her for their satisfaction. I am 21 years old and currently staying in the Mumbai city which is also known as the dream city of India. It is the place of tourists as there are many tourist places in this city. Many of the tourists come to hangout for their enjoyment but they also want a local girl with them for their physical needs in the night hours and as a companion in their hangout in the day escapes.

I am ready to do as the same and love to hangout with these types of tourists. I also have many different clients who is studying or some of the are the business gentlemen. I also work as a model for different franchise and like the most of them. In the gorgeous world, we also have to adjust in terms of physical touches and with the need of our boss.

I started to indulge in this profession when I am 17 after my first encounter with my boyfriend. From than I want to live like that as there is quick money in it and also you have a chance to live like a high class girl or high class women. Perhaps this I also love sex and really can't live without it. I also have the same kind of un satisfaction that you have and wants to fulfill in the same way as you want. I had done sex with more than 100 guys and all of them are fully satisfied. I also helped many teenagers to do their first sex with me. I know hoe to handle these type of young boys as I am very experience in it. As I am doing my graduation, I have best communication skills as well.

So, you do not have a conversation problem with me if you are here from the outside India. I know what is I doing and does not have any guilt type of feeling as I think to satisfy the physical needs of other are not a bad thing. If we are doing sex then there is no problem in doing with the others also. Everyone have some unsatisfied type of fantasy stuffs and they have a full right to complete it. As I am in this profession because of money, so you have to pay all the expenses other than my charges.

I am very busy during these days and can not make an arrangement with you in case of urgent and quick demands. If you want me to have with you in night or in the day time then you have to some quickness and book Escorts In Mumbai as early as possible as I do not over book at any conditions and also do not compromise with the demands of my clients as all are the same for me.

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